During the past few months we have been faced with many unethical and incomplete submissions. We have also come across some cases of plagiarism/self-plagiarism, and several other submission related problems as the authors do not care to acquaint themselves with the scope, guidelines and specific instructions available on the webpage.  Our attitude to help the authors as much as possible by avoiding bureaucratic procedures has caused motr problems and undue delays on processing the manuscripts.

Therefore, we are compelled to strengthen the submission process and request all authors to submit a mandatory Declaration in the prescribed format. This is now required also for the manuscripts which are still under review or some other stage of publication. The Declaration Form is being placed on the Website, and is attached for your convenience. Your manuscript shall not be processed further unless this declaration is received. The form may please be printed and filled by hand. After signatures of all authors, the page may be scanned and emailed to [email protected] giving number of the submission.

This has become unavoidable and we request you to please bear with us.


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