All-Rajasthan Conference on Biodiversity ..

All-Rajasthan Conference on
Biodiversity and Sustainable Development in the Face of Climate Change
JAIPUR, Rajasthan (20-22 May 2013)

The Conference is being jointly organised by the Pragya Education and Environment Trust, Jaipur and the Rajasthan State Biodiversity Board, Jaipur on the occasion of the international Day of biodiversuity. The National Institute of Ecology is also associated with it.
The primary objective of the Conference is to focus in depth on all biodiversity related issues in the State of Rajasthan. Specifically, the Conference will aim at an assessment of the biodiversity in different habitats and ecosystems of all climatic zones within the state, the linkages between biodiversity and ecosystem services that contribute to human well being, various threats to biodiversity including that from the projected climate change, the use and conservation of the State’s biodiversity, and major legal and institutional aspects specific to the State. The Conference will attempt to identify the needs for research and capacity building at all levels as well as the individuals and organisations which are willing and can be empowered to contribute to the cConservation of biodiversity for the State’s sustainable development.
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