Distribution of White Rumped Munia (Lonchura striata acuticauda Hodgson, 1836) at Doon Valley (Lower Garhwal Himalaya) of Uttarakhand, India

Kamal Kant Joshi


The Western Himalaya is recognized for its biological diversity and ecological values. During a field survey conducted from February, 2012 to December, 2016 in Doon valley (Lower Garhwal Himalaya) forest, White rumped munia (Lonchura striata acuticauda)- a residential bird of southern India, was recorded. Its existence in Doon valley and other parts (Tharali, Nandprayag, Karanprayag) of Garhwal Himalaya indicates  the habitat expansion of this bird species.


Avian Diversity; Dehradun Forest; Garhwal Himalaya; Distribution Range


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