Dynamics of Soil Respiration in a Tropical Semi-evergreen Forest on Two Different Slope Gradients

Angom Sarjubala Devi, Sabrina Lalhmangaihzuali


CO2 is released from soil as a final product of organic matter decomposition by microorganisms. It is therefore important to understand soil carbon dynamics and its controlling factors. Soil physico-chemical characteristics  and climatic condition plays an important role in maintaining the CO2 flux from soil. In addition to these factors, lesser known factor like slope gradient maybe important in mountainous terrain. Therefore the present study exmines the impact of slope gradient on soil respiration. The average soil respiration was 2.28gC m-2 d-1 in the moderately gradient site and 1.74gC m-2 d-1 in the steep gradient site. Soil moisture, soil temperature and total organic C  were also higher in the moderately gradient site. Significant positive correlation was observed between total organic C and soil respiration in both the sites.


Mountainous Terrain, Soil Organic C, Effect of Slope.


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