Composition and Trophic Categorization of Aquatic Insects and Bio-monitoring Potential of Selected Hill Streams of Western Ghats, India

T. Kubendran, S. Murali Krishnan, c. Selvakumar, Avtar kaur Sidhu, Akhil Nair


Composition and trophic categorization of aquatic insects for biomonitoring of three hill streams/rivers of Western Ghats was investigated during August 2011 to January 2012. A total of 1461 individuals of aquatic insects belonging to 6 orders, 29 family and 36 genera of aquatic insects were collected in 3 stations in first order streams for 6 months in Alagar hills, Sothupparai and Manjalar river of Western Ghats. Diversity values of aquatic insects of three streams/rivers of Western Ghats were calculated. Further the insects were categorized into shredders, scrapers and detrivore-herbivore assessed on their feeding behavior which indicates the dominance of collectors in all the three streams.  The water quality was also assessed as per BMWP scoring system, which revealed that all the streams are in good health and suitable for potable.


BMWP Scoring System; Diversity; Pollution Indicator; EPR Complex; Southern India


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