Crustacean Diversity of the Gulf of Kachchh, Gujarat, India

Heena Parmar, Yashpal Anand, Jigar Joshi, Sandeep Munjapara, R. D. Kamboj, Harshad Salvi


This communication based on a survey of the Gulf of Kachchh reports the occurrence of  39 species of crustaceans belonging to 4 orders and 18 families. They included one endemic species, Metapenaeus kutchensis. Three species viz., Etisus laevimanus, Portunus (Portunus) pelagicus and Petrolisthes boscii were most common and abundant while Lepas (Anatifa) testudinata, Atergatis floridus and Panulirus polyphagus were  very rare. The study adds one species  Charybdis helleri to the previously known  list of crustacean diversity from the area. 


Arthropods; Ecosystem; Coral Reef; Biodiversity; Crabs; Abundance


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