Effect of Density on the Rate of Moulting of Two Locust Species: Schistocerca gregaria and Dociostaurus maroccanus (Orthoptera: Acrididae)

M. Rochdi, I. Ismail, D. Ousaaid, D. Essakhi, S. Haloti, El Ghadraoui


In this present work, we studied the influence of individual density on the larval moulting rate of three larval stages (third, fourth, fifth instar) in two locust species Schistocerca gregaria and Dociostaurus maroccanus. The moulting position, their duration and the mortality during the moult were also noted.  The results show that regrouping individuals accelerates their moult rate. Thus the individuals prefer to realise their moults in vertical position considering the short duration and the survival of larvae during moulting is higher. In contrast the moults performed in horizontal position took a longer duration and increased the mortality rate in all instars examined.


Moult ; Gregarization; Locusts ; Desert Locust ; Moroccan Locust


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