Effect of Heavy Metals on Morphology, Growth and Pigment Contents of Microalgae Isolated from Industrial Effluents

Jyothi Miranda, G. Krishnakumar


The microalgae Oscillatoria laete-virens (Grouan) Gomont, Oscillatoria trichoides Szafer, Chroococcus multicolouratus Wood and Oedogonium sp. isolated from industrial wastewater, were studied for their resistance to three metal ions, Pb2+, Cr6+ and Cu2+. The effect of different concentrations of these metals on morphology, growth and photosynthetic pigment contents was studied. Metals inhibited the growth in a dose dependent manner. Chlorophyll-a and carotenoid contents decreased with increasing metal concentrations. The growth of these microalgae was severely inhibited by Cu2+ compared to Cr6+ and Pb2+. The order of resistance to metals in terms of growth and pigment contents was Pb2+>Cr6+>Cu2+. Lethal concentration (LC50 for 288 hr ) values also indicated that the tested microalgae are more vulnerable to Cu2+ than Cr6+ and Pb2+.


Carotenoids; Chroococcus multicolouratus; Chlorophyll-a; Chromium; Copper; Oscillatoria laete-virens; Oscillatoria trichoides; Oedogonium sp.; lead

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