Effect of Seed Source on Germination and Early Growth in Madhuca latifolia in Odisha

Saswat Nayak, Uttam Kumar Sahoo


We evaluated the effect of seed source on seed germination and early seedling characters of Madhuca latifolia in Odisha. The results displayed significant variations (P<0.05) in all germination and growth characters among provenances. Germination per cent ranged from 53 (P10) to 93.8 (P8) with variation in phenotype (PCV=22.7) to be more than variation in genotype (GCV=12.48). Environment effect was more pronounced than genotypein all germination character except mean daily germination. Collar diameter (h2=50%) was found to be more heritable than seedling length and biomass. The best provenance was found to be Nuapada (P8) for germination and growth characters.


Mahua; Seed Traits; Phenotypic Variation; Genotypic Variation; Heritability


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